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Next animation....

2012-03-16 23:43:38 by samchappy

I'll actually try, make a legit script, and get some real voice acting.I don't know when that will be though since I work 24/7. What would you guys like to see as a legit animation? I have ideas for these 3 games...
But yeah, cool, front page'd n junk, sorry ya'll raged so hard. <3

Next animation....


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2012-03-16 23:48:14

None of em'. You've got a good ass brain in your head, you should put it to work to make a good, original, funny animation

samchappy responds:

originality?! I'm scared :(

I had a few ideas while I was out n' about, but I forgot them. Maybe if they come back to me I will.


2012-03-17 07:17:40

Skyrim, its your only way to the front page my friend.


2012-03-17 10:12:51

Don't do Skyrim. It's pretty much like beating a dead horse, really.


2012-03-17 11:19:19

Yeah but it gets on the front page pretty quickly.


2012-03-17 13:05:16

must agree with man dog, skyrim is your best bet if you wish to whore yourself out

samchappy responds:

I don't want to whore my work and make it front page. I just want to entertain and make a legitimate animation that people can respect me for lol


2012-03-17 14:20:45

I would personally like to see MvC3 but I'm sure any of the three will be good.


2012-03-18 03:07:42

what ever comes to mind for you is what i say or 1 of the 3 either way it'll be good


2012-03-19 21:17:28

i wouldn't mind seeing a good RE flash.


2012-03-20 16:32:53

You sure you don't want to whore yourself out? lots of great animators do unoriginal crap then when they are big they get original and get money bitches more fans and such.


2012-03-27 04:24:58