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Animating With After Effects.

2012-10-18 18:21:06 by samchappy

What are your thoughts? I'M CURIOUS NOW!


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2012-10-18 19:47:36

i have a vendetta against after effects i try to download torrent and all get virus FAKE keygen i angered with adobe but i think it may b e col


2012-12-02 12:35:51

sounds hawt


2013-05-01 18:21:25

cant really animate with it can you? its only for, well, after effects.

you could like to character animation in flash, do the bgs in photoshop and put it together in after effects (as flash destroys bitmaps)


2013-08-16 23:56:08

I really found some people who animate 3d with after effect?! O.o ?! how is this even possible?!


2013-08-20 20:45:13

My thoughts could people make an FLCL Fighting game? We certainly can't leave it to Capcom, sorry to say.