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Time Lapse Drawing

2013-10-15 23:01:27 by samchappy

I finally got around to making a time lapse piece! The quality is kinda ass because fuck waiting 24+ hours for a video to render/export. People always ask me how I make my pieces, well there ya go! Let me know what cha think :O


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2013-10-17 06:40:16

Looks great! Seems you already had the sketched mapped out though. Bit curious what error message popped up at the start but it's going too fast to track back and pause...

samchappy responds:

Thanks! yeah, mostly an inking/coloring one. The errors were probably me trying to merge two lines together, but I wasn't clicking the end of the path so it was telling me that I couldn't merge the lines. Happens quite a bit when you get to area's like that.