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New WIP (sneak peak)

2015-01-12 01:34:54 by samchappy

So far it's lookin' good. I should be finished with it by the end of the week!

Commissions Are Open!

2014-10-22 16:56:45 by samchappy


Watch Me Draw! (kind of)

2013-11-14 21:09:55 by samchappy

I figured this was artsy enough, buuuut I'm drawing in Mario Paint live on feel free to watch here!

Watch Me Draw! (kind of)

Time Lapse Drawing

2013-10-15 23:01:27 by samchappy

I finally got around to making a time lapse piece! The quality is kinda ass because fuck waiting 24+ hours for a video to render/export. People always ask me how I make my pieces, well there ya go! Let me know what cha think :O

Animating With After Effects.

2012-10-18 18:21:06 by samchappy

What are your thoughts? I'M CURIOUS NOW!

I'ma Tumblin' Bum

2012-06-13 13:38:06 by samchappy

Follow me for stuff that will slowly kill brain cells

I'ma Tumblin' Bum

Next animation....

2012-03-16 23:43:38 by samchappy

I'll actually try, make a legit script, and get some real voice acting.I don't know when that will be though since I work 24/7. What would you guys like to see as a legit animation? I have ideas for these 3 games...
But yeah, cool, front page'd n junk, sorry ya'll raged so hard. <3

Next animation....

Live Stream tonight

2011-05-21 15:50:02 by samchappy

I've been working on a huge piece to sell as a poster at conventions n junk. WHAT IS IT?! Well tune in to my Live stream today (Saturday) at 8 PM (Central) to fiiiiiind ouut! Which can be located HERE:

I'll probably work on my project, play some vidya games, and do some requests. HOPE TO SEE YA THERE!